One Perfect Rose Shadow


Stephen Kenyon, the new Duke of Ashburton, has always known exactly what society expected of him. But a doctor's grim diagnosis leaves him longing to experience life as never before. Traveling incognito, he becomes entangled with a wandering theater family and their spirited adopted daughter, Rosalind Jordan. With no time to waste in courtship, Stephen convinces Rosalind to marry him - an arrangement that has advantages for both. The warm companionship and profound passion they share is more than Stephen expected, and far more than his family and his own guarded nature ever allowed. But each passing, perfect day together is a bittersweet reminder that love is the one thing he is not at liberty to offer, and the one thing she can never admit... (2010)




Sweeping from the exotic temptations of the Orient to the ruthless grandeur of 19th century London, The Bartered Bride is a compelling romantic adventure that begins with a daring act of courage. After building a fortune amid the splendor and dangers of the China seas, American adventurer and merchant prince Gavin Elliott is sailing for London, where he intends to establish himself in the society that forced his family to leave in disgrace when Gavin was only a child. But fate intervenes on an infamous island in the East Indies when he tries to save a European woman being sold at a slave auction.

Alexandra Warren ventures to Australia as a young bride eager for adventure. A dozen years later she is returning home as widow and mother when a pirate attack separates her from her beloved daughter and condemns Alex to a life of servitude. Then a miracle arrives in the form of a steely-eyed Yankee captain willing to risk everything to set her free.

A shocking turn of events brings an unexpected alliance with her rescuer, and Gavin and Alex arrive in London as intimate strangers joined by too many painful secrets. Yet attraction and affection soon overcome the trial of their first meeting. Until the past reaches out to change Gavin's life—and threatens the passionate love he has found with his irresistible bartered bride. (2002)

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The China Bride is for all of you who wanted the story of Kyle Renbourne, twin brother of Dominic, hero of The Wild Child. The story begins six years after the end of The Wild Child. Kyle has spent those years in travel, moving ever eastward. Soon it will be time to return to England and his responsibilities as heir to an earldom, but first he will visit China, the last and most desired goal of his long journey.

Born to a Scottish father and a Chinese mother, Troth Montgomery dreamed of someday traveling to Scotland, until the death of her father condemned her to a shadowy life as an interpreter in Canton. Then Kyle Renbourne, viscount and adventurer, discovers Troth’s true identity and persuades her to be his guide on a dangerous journey into the heart of the Celestial Kingdom.

A meeting of minds flares into searing passion, an idyll that ends when Kyle is captured and condemned to death. A reckless prison cell marriage the night before his execution sends Troth to England, where she arrives at the estate of Kyle’s brother. Though accepted as bride and widow, she is haunted by the memory of her dashing husband. Then the past reaches out to Troth, bringing passion, despair, and danger. Now she must draw on her unique heritage to save all she holds dear—and become the woman she is destined to be. (2000)

The Wild Child shadow



Bribed by Kyle, his twin brother, Dominic Renbourne agrees to take his twin’s place in courting the “mad” Lady Meriel Grahame, an orphaned heiress Kyle intends to marry. The last thing Dominic expects is to be entranced by a silent sprite whose ethereal beauty is as intoxicating as the flowers and trees that surround her. (1999)





The Bargain shadow

Forced to wed to keep her inheritance, independent Lady Jocelyn Kendal finds an outrageous solution: she proposes marriage to Major David Lancaster, an officer dying from his Waterloo wounds. In return for making her his wife, she will provide for his governess sister. But after the bargain is struck and the marriage is made, the major makes a shocking, miraculous recovery. Though they agree to an annulment, such matters take time...time enough for David to realize he is irrevocably in love with his wife. Haunted by her past, Jocelyn refuses to trust the desire David ignites in her. She never counted on a real husband, least of all one who would entice her to be a real wife. But some bargains are made to be broken - and his skilled courtship is impossible to resist... (1999)

The Rake shadow



Disinherited and disgraced, Reginald Davenport's prospects cried for a dire end. But fate has given him one last chance at redemption - by taking his rightful place as the heir of Strickland, his lost ancestral estate. Davenport knows his way around women, yet nothing prepares him for his shocking encounter with Lady Alys Weston. Masquerading as a man in order to obtain a position as estate manager of Strickland, Alys fled a world filled with mistrust and betrayal. She was finished with men - until Strickland's restored owner awakens a passion she thought she would never feel. A passion that will doom or save them both ...if only they can overcome their pasts... (1998)

River of Fire shadow



He was known as the Demon Warrior.  As rebel, soldier, hero, and spy, Kenneth Wilding had never known defeat.  But nothing can save his heritage when he returns from the wars to an empty title and a ravaged estate.  Nothing -- until a stranger offeres a devil's bargain: financial salvation in return for Kenneth's special subversive skills.  Reluctantly, Kenneth enters the household of the greatest artist in England to unmask a terrible crime.  But he also discovers something infinitely more dangerous: a tantalizing new way of life and and an irresistable woman.  Everything he has ever wanted, and can never have. 


After a scandal destroys her trust and her reputation, tempestuous Rebecca Seaton withdraws to her attic studio and buries herself in her work.  Then Kenneth Wilding sweeps into her life, dazzling her senses with his pirate's face and poet's soul.  Warily, they slide into a duel of desire that brings both searing risks and shattering fulfillment. But Kenneth's secret mission comes between them, unleaching a danger that threatens Rebecca's life even as a passion sweeps them into a river of fire that transforms their very souls. (1996)

Shattered Rainbow shadow



Broken Dreams and Second Chances...

Honed by danger and haunted by the past, Lord Michael Kenyon finds it easy to risk his life for his country’s sake. But in the shadow of Waterloo, he faces a far more dangerous threat—the loss of his heart to the beautiful battlefield nurse who saves his life, yet can never be his. 

Called a saint for her virtue and selfless courage, only Catherine Melbourne knows the tragic flaw at the core of her spirit. In Michael Kenyon, she sees the strength and kindness she craves, yet for honor’s sake she must conceal her love and send him away. Even when freed from her empty marriage, she conceals the truth because of the bleak knowledge that she can never again be any man’s wife.

Then fate offers Catherine a fortune, a title, a heritage for her daughter—if Michael will impersonate her husband on a visit to a wild Cornish island. Reluctantly he agrees to the masquerade. But what begins as a simple journey leads them into a shattering vortex of danger and betrayal—and a fiercely passionate love that can no longer be denied.  (1996)


Angel Rogue shadow


The Rogue…

A master spy with the face of a fallen angel and a darkly heroic past, Lord Robert Andreville returns to his ancestral home in Yorkshire after a dozen harrowing years spying against Napoleon. But nothing soothes his ravaged spirit until a determined young beauty sweeps into his life.

…and the Runaway

Half Mohawk and all American, Maxima Collins is a wary stranger in a strange land, but she will let nothing halt her journey to London to learn the truth about her father’s sudden death—not even a self-appointed guardian who is all lazy charm and dangerous skill.

Together they travel across England, evading pursuers and circling each other in a dance of desire, where truth is elusive and only passion is sure. Then dark secrets shatter their idyll—and only love has the power to heal the past. (1995)


Dancing with the Wind shadow


Dangerous Deceivers...

Like his nickname, Lucifer, Lord Strathmore is know for unearthly beauty and diabolical cleverness. A tragic past has driven Lucien to use his formidable talents to protect his country from hidden enemies. It’s a job he does superbly well—until he meets a mysterious woman whose skill at deception is the equal of his own. By turns glamorous and subdued, his enchanting adversary baffles his mind even as she dazzles his senses.

A perilous mission has forced Kit Travers into a deadly gave of shifting identities and needful lies, where a single misstep might cost Kit her life. But her disguises are easily penetrated by the Earl of Strathmore, who may be a vital ally—or a lethal enemy. 

Unwilling to trust, yet unable to part, Kit and Lucien join forces to search the dangerous underside of London society. Yet even two master deceivers cannot escape passion’s sensual web—or from an impossible love more precious than life itself.  (1994)


Petals of the Storm shadow



A spy mission to Paris brings Rafe Whitebourne, a duke who prides himself on cool control, face to face with Margot Ashton, a beautiful betrayer who is the only woman he has ever loved. (1993)






A Marriage of Convenience...

Gaunt and wearing an eye patch, Major Ian Cameron returns to India after being freed from horrendous captivity in Central Asia. Thoughts of his beautiful fiancée helped him survive his imprisonment, but much can happen when a man has supposedly been dead for two years, and his return brings him face to face with how much he has lost. 

An unexpected inheritance gives him the opportunity to return home to Scotland and begin a new life. First, though, he must fulfill the dying wish of the Russian officer who had shared his captivity by delivering the colonel’s journal to his niece, Larissa Alexandrovna Karelian. 

The daughter of tempestuous Russian aristocrats, Laura Stephenson loved her quiet English stepfather and was happy to follow him to India as companion and hostess. His death leaves her adrift—until a handsome, haunted Scot appears to deliver her uncle’s journal. 

Startled to find a grown woman rather than a little girl, Ian quickly realizes that Laura is uniquely qualified to be his wife in an unconventional marriage. She accepts his offer and together they begin the long journey home to Britain with a side trip to the mountains to retrieve the belongings her uncle left with a friendly maharajah. In the process, they are swept into an adventure that threatens the future of India, and brings them together with a love and passion that is more than either of them had dared dream of. (1992)

Silk and Secrets shadow



Lord Carlisle, now Marquess of Kilburn and heir to the duchy of Windermere, is headed for Bokhara (currently Uzbekistan) for word of the missing Ian Cameron, brother of Ross's young wife who ran away 12 years earlier. En route he is rescued from maurauding Turkomans by his long-lost bride, Juliet, rather improbably dressed as a Saharan Tuareg and the accepted leader of a small Persian fortress. The two embark for Bokhara together, fighting the desert, hostile factions and each other. Putney works hard to get her facts straight, perhaps a bit too hard: considering Ross and Juliet's long acquaintance with Islam, Juliet's observation--"Since alcohol is forbidden to Muslims, there is no problem with the servents drinking"--seems redundant. Yet Juliet is a spunky, happily flawed heroine and nice counterpoint to the godlike Ross.  (1992)

silkandshadows shadows



He called himself Peregrine, the wanderer, and he came to London for revenge... 

Like the falcon he named himself for, Peregrine is wild and free, an exotic prince who fascinates 1839 London with his wealth, mystery, and dangerous allure. He emerged from his mysterious Asiatic past to exact retribution for an appalling crime. Nothing and no one can stop him—except perhaps Lady Sara St. James, whose fragile beauty conceals a gentle heart, genuine goodness, and a soul of steel. 

Unable to resist his seductive charm, Lady Sara turns away from her ordered life to embrace a man she loves, but cannot fully trust. In Sara, Peregrine sees a chance for a life beyond revenge. But can he keep her without revealing his devastating secrets? Or protect her from the enemy he has vowed to destroy?  (1991)




Lady Meriel de Vere had deceived Adrian, Earl of Shropshire.  Standing in the royal forest, her falcon perched on her arm, she boldly claimed to be a Welsh commoner, not a noble Norman.  Lord Adrian beheld in wonder her rave-black hair and defiant blue eyes, heard her lies, and felt a dark primeval passion rob him of all reason. 

In one irrevocable move of fate, he ordered this fair beauty locked in his castle's tower, vowing to entice her to into surrendering her kisses with lips as hungry as his won.  Never to five in, to die if she must, was Meriel's vow...until one rash moment of impetuousness swept them both up in the royal battles of kings...and into a dangerous intrigue of sweet caresses... and fiery, all-consuming love. (1991)

dearlybelove shadow


As enigmatic as she is exquisite, Diana Lindsay is the most desireable and sought-after woman in London, her smile worth a prince's ransom.  Yet Diana wants only one man --  a haunted lord with mysterious secrets as deep as her own.

Gervase Brandelin, the Viscount St. Aubyn, dedicated himself to the service of his country as a way to redeem the sins of his youth.  As a spymaster, he seeks out England's hidden enemies.  Nothing can sway him from the path of his duty -- until he meets a woman who touches his heart even more than she dazzles his senses.  In Diana he finds warmth and hope - yet he is bitterly aware that she can never be his.  

Then the two halves of Gervase's life come together in a cataclysm that shatters all and threatens to separate him from Diana forever.  Perhaps love might bring them together -- but first they must survive the assault of a deadly enemy. (1990)