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Someone once told me that with a name like Bliss I'd have to be a romance writer. Most of my working life I've been a journalist -  not the war correspondent, fashion magazine or even tabloid newspaper variety, (rated in my country just under politicians for trustworthiness), but a common variety trade journalist who wrote about travel for the New Zealand travel industry for close to a decade.

I did get to travel a lo (at least until I had a baby and was needed at home) but I didn't usually sit under a tropical sunset with a cocktail in my hand.  Not unless I had a pen and paper in the other and was making notes about whether the mozzies were biting, whether the storm water drain exited on the beach, what the service was like and..well, you get the picture.  I got to work in fabulous places, but it was still work.  But was it better than a proper job?  Oh yeah ...Full bio