Ballet dancer Tommie Purnell has finally left her troubles behind her. After a devastating scandal derails her dancing career in New York, she flees to Houston for a fresh start. Her new dance studio is a success and things are going well again. But when a local woman connected to Tommie turns up dead, Tommie is petrified…and doesn’t know where to turn.


When veteran homicide detective Paulo Sanchez walks through her door, Tommie wonders if her troubles have just doubled. She and Paulo had a torrid attraction years ago…but she’s sworn off men because of too many broken dreams. Yet their sizzling attraction can’t be denied, and as their passion intensifies, the killer strikes again. That’s when all clues point toward the one person Tommie thought she could finally trust... (2009)


After a long absence, FBI agent Althea Pritchard has returned home to Baltimore, but it already feels like history is repeating itself. A teenage girl has been abducted—just as Althea was eight years before. The ordeal left her determined to capture such predators, and she’s more prepared than ever. There’s just one problem—her gorgeous, irresistibly sexy new partner. A man she knows intimately, yet not at all…

Special Agent Damien Wade is shocked to discover his new partner is the same beautiful mystery woman with whom he recently shared one night of incredible passion. But bowing out is not an option. Inevitably, as the kidnapping case intensifies, so does their relationship—especially when Althea becomes the target of danger. But she has vowed never to be a victim again. And now with Damien by her side, she has more to live for than ever… (2008)


secretagentseductionBorn to a life of intrigue and adventure, beautiful Secret Service agent Lia Charles has never met a challenge she can’t overcome. That is, until she receives her latest assignment—rescue the brilliant, boldly charismatic and bona fide hottie Armand Magliore, a revolutionary leader of a war-ravaged Caribbean republic. Lia will need all of her special-ops training and professional objectivity to get Armand to safety, and to keep their relationship from heating up. Even so, it isn’t long before she discovers that extracting the handsome revolutionary from the dark, treacherous jungles will be the easy part. Guarding her heart from a darkly handsome rebel will test her to her limits. (2008)




Detective Sebastien Durand can’t believe that the beautiful woman he sees in a café is the one woman who can help him. He needs Francesca Purnell’s expertise to find a serial killer. Sebastien tries to ignore the instant, undeniable attraction between them. Yet the more he resists, the more he wants Francesca…
Professor Francesca Purnell knows she must help the sexy detective in his search for the murderer who’s been stalking the streets of San Antonio, marking each one of his female victims with a mysterious spider tattoo. Working by Sebastien’s side, Francesca soon gives in to a passion she’s never felt before. But their relationship is in jeopardy. For their target has his sights on Francesca—and he’s bent on trapping her in his deadly web…(2007)


It’s a good thing FBI agent Korrine Friday didn’t arrest that nosy stranger who appeared at the crime scene she was processing, because (A) he’s Rafe Santiago, her new supervisor at the FBI field office in San Antonio, and (B) he’s gorgeous. As it turns out, the Riverwalk murder she’s investigating is linked to a powerful secret society whose members don’t like the FBI sniffing around, and before long, Korrine and Rafe are also marked for death. It seems the only safe place for them is Rafe’s secluded ranch, nestled deep in Texas Hill Country…


As things heat up between them, Korrine’s not sure she’s ready to risk a relationship with Rafe. Not only is he her boss, but she’s still grieving the recent death of her father and trying to set things right with the rest of her family. But the temperature between her and Rafe keeps rising—and so does the killer’s body count. The case gets personal when the next victim targeted is someone close to Korrine. Suddenly she finds herself trapped by a sadistic killer who wants her dead—and has horribly specific ideas about how to do it… (2006)


 HeartbeatAwayWhen DEA diversion investigator Samille Broussard and seasoned FBI agent Brant Kincaid team up to look into a series of mysterious illnesses targeting affluent Washington, D.C. teenagers, they end up uncovering more than just a criminal mastermind bent on destruction. Can Brant and Samille catch the killer before more teenage victims fall prey to the insidious drug known only as UTOPIA?(2005)







WithEveryBreathProfessor Imani Maxwell is devasted when one of her students is kidnapped. The last thing Imani wants is to be attracted to sexy FBI agent Garrison Wade. Garrison is exactly the kind of man Imani has sworn to avoid at all costs. But when she suddenly finds herself the target of the kidnapper’s sadistic game of cat and mouse, it’s Garrison she turns to for help. Nothing can prepare them for the intense heat that ignites between them... and no one can stop a deadly predator who wants Imani dead. (2004)







GhostsofFireGraphic designer Rachel Calloway is devastated when her father’s restaurant is destroyed by an arsonist. Just when she thinks the situation can’t possibly get worse, her father is charged with the unspeakable crime. Rachel knows he’s innocent and she’ll do anything to prove it. Little does she know how soon her loyalty will be tested when she crosses paths with Nicholas Hunter, the notoriously ruthless attorney prosecuting her father’s case…

Nick Hunter is thirsty for justice, a man made cynical by the horrors he experienced early in life. He believes in the absolute guilt of each criminal he prosecutes, and shows mercy to none…until he encounters Rachel Calloway, the first woman ever to make him question his convictions. From the moment they meet, a forbidden attraction sizzles between them that neither can ignore.

But danger lurks in the shadows and clings to the fog that drifts in from the Eastern Shore. A stranger lies in the darkness, watching and waiting. Suddenly nothing in Rachel’s world is as it seems, and it isn’t long before she finds herself in the biggest fight for her heart…and her life. (2004)