Lady Beware


Lady Thea Debenham thinks her only problem is a stained ball gown, but in the deserted corridors of her home she meets Vile Viscount Darien; her life will never be the same.  She has always been a perfect lady, which makes her perfect for Darien's purposes. He's determined to force his way into Society depsite his own dubious reputation and the appalling one of his family.  Thea is the perfect weapon, especially when she's the sister of a Rogue.  After his time at Harrow school, he hates the Company of Rogues. (2007)





To Resue a Rogue



Lady Mara St. Bride has never backed down from a good adventure, which was how she wound up roaming the streets of London in the middle of the night, wearing nothing but a shift and corset beneath an old blanket. Luckily, her brother’s oldest friend, the devilishly sexy Lord Darius Debenham, answered her plea for help. Now she intends to repay the favor...

Before he was wounded at Waterloo, Dare had embraced everything life had to offer. Forever changed by the war, he now believes nothing—not even the interference of a lovely young minx like Mara—can rescue him from his demons. But Mara is determined to reignite his warm smile, and enlists the help of all the Rogues to offer Dare a temptation he cannot resist... (2006)


The Rogues Return




After years living in the new world of Canada, Simon St. Bride is ready to return to aristocratic life in England. But his plans are delayed by a duel and a young woman he feels honor-bound to marry, knowing that his family is unlikely to welcome her. For despite her beauty and seeming innocence, Jane Otterburn is hesitant to speak of her enigmatic past...

Then treachery strikes their world, and, as Simon and Jane must fight side-by-side against enemies and fate, on land and at sea, he discovers a wife beyond price and a passion beyond measure. But will the truth about Jane tear their love asunder?  (2006)






She'd risk everything to save her son. He'd risk everything for a second chance...Not a day has gone by without Stephen Ball thinking of the alluring girl who stole his heart and then married another. Now that Lady Laura Skylark needs his help, he plans to protect her son-and then seize the fiery passion that still burns between them. As Laura and Stephen embark on a daring quest, they will find themselves on a dangerous journey into their most secret and sensual desires... (2004)



St. Raven



Tristan Tregallows, Duke of St. Raven is playing the highwayman.  His plan is to hold up one coach in order to prove that a man in prison is no the infamous Le Corbeau.  However, his target coach is carrying vile Lord Crofton and an obviously innocent lady.  Tris has to rescue her, no matter how reluctant she is.  And then, of course, he has to to help her on her quest, especially as it will take her to an orgy.  He is, he assures her, and expert guide to orgies. (2003)






You've never met a heroine like Lady Anne Peckworth. The sheltered daughter of a duke, she has always been a perfect lady, even when jilted. Twice. Now, however, she's angry, and she's angry at the single most reckless, most irresponsible, most irresistible man she's ever known...

You've never met a hero like Race de Vere. Far below Anne's station in life, he has invaded her orderly world like a pirate, tempting her to the edge and beyond. He leads her into impropriety, into wickedness, and then into the most dangerous step of all - the adventure that could win or lose her everything in one hazardous night.... (2002)



The Devils Heirress


Major "Hawk" Hawkinvale has reluctantly returned home after ten years of war.  He longs for his ancient Sussex home, but his despised farther is still alive there.  Upon his return, however, he finds matters are even worse. To pursue a family title, Squire Hawkinville has mortgaged Hawkinville Manor to a wealthy industrialist who will soon own it, tear it down, and built a modern villa in its place. 

There is one way out.  The title his father has won at such a cost is Viscount Deveril, a dn foul "Lord Devil" had died posses of a fortune.  It will go to pay the squires debts if Hawk can prove that the inheritor, a trollop who had been prepared to marry Deveril, had played a part in his violent death.  His investigations reveal a very complex picture, however, threatening to hurt some of the people he most cares for in the world.  And soon one of them is Clarissa Greystone, the Devil's Heiress. (2001)


The Dragons Bride




Con Somerford, the new Earl of Wyvern, arrives at his fortress on the cliffs of Dover to find a woman from his past waiting for him-pistol in hand. The magic they once shared was destroyed by youthful arrogance and innocence, but can they seize the passion that comes along only once-or twice- in a lifetime?  (2001)



Forbidden Magic





Left penniless after her parent's death, Meg Gillingham is in dire straits. Reluctantly, she turns for help to her only legacy: a magic statue that will grant wishes. Meg never expects the statue to bring her a marriage proposal, especially not from a handsome earl. But when his dark secrets are revealed, putting her life at risk, she dares not believe in another kind of magic: true love... (1998)



Dangerous Joy



 Miles Cavanagh just wants to be in the Shires hunting, but instead he is unwilling guardian to a twenty-year old heiress.  He hopes this will be merely a symobolic position, but that's before he discovers that Felicity Monahan is a hell-bent on marrying a fortune-hunting wretch.  And before he begins to fall in love with her. 

Despite her own growing love for Miles, Felicity has excellent reasons for her choice.  Miles is determined to thwart her.  Equal in will and ruthlessness, they are soon on a course that is dangerous indeed.  (1995)





Finally freed from a cruel, depraved husband, Serena Riverton wants nothing more to do with men or marriage. Fate and her brothers give her no choice except to flee - into a storm, and into the arms of a stranger. Without friend or fortune, Serena seduces the handsome lord. But just one night together will start a sequence of events that threatens to destroy them both. Francis, Lord Middlethorpe's life is planned and orderly, including marriage to Lady Anne Peckworth, a rich and suitable lady. But now he is haunted by memories of one passionate night with Serena, the wicked siren who tempted him with pleasures he had never known. Caught between duty and desire, he must choose between his reputation and a love like no other. (1994)

The Christmas Angel




Weary of war and diplomatic wandering, Leander Knollis, Earl of Charrington, wants a home, a wife, and a good old-fashioned English Christmas. As he seems unable to fall in love, however, he will only consider a marriage of convenience to a sensible woman. He is beginning to despair when he encounters the perfect candidate, a woman so devoted to her late husband's memory that no one thinks she could ever love again. Judith Rossiter is in no position to turn down the astonishing proposal, but it worries her. Why would an earl, and a most attractive one at that, offer marriage to an impoverished widow with two young children? At least his main condition should be easy enough to fulfil. After the folly of Judith's first marriage, a sensible rather than a sentimental union is exactly what she wants. Or so she believes when she says her vows... (1992)

An Unwilling Bride



Beth Armitage had the life she wanted. Her work as a teacher gave her the independence she'd always sought and a life free from the shackles of matrimony. Yet after a harrowing meeting with the Duke of Belcraven, Beth found herself caught in a web of aristocratic power - and engaged to marry his rakish heir Lucien de Vaux, Marquess of Arden! She was determined to despise her betrothed, but when Arden decided to seduce her, she needed all her strength to keep her from surrendering her heart. (1992)

An Arranged Marriage




Ruined through her vile brother's schemes, Eleanor Chivenham is in despare until she is offered resuce by marriage, but marriage to a charming rake with an infmaous French mistress. Eleonor accepts, but she is determined to treat this arranged marriage with cool dignity.  Once she meets Nicholas Delany, however, her confidence in her ability to do that is shaken.  Not only does he stir her senses and touch her heart, but she glimpses trouble and pain beneath the smooth exterior.

Nicholas is indeed troubled.  Committed to serving his country by seducing secrets out of a French spy, he is then persuaded by his brother to marry the woman the earl has ruined. Are even his fabled abilities with eomen up to this task?  To assist him, he gathers togeher again the schoolboy group he started years before, the Company of Rogues, but even they cannot protect Eleanor and Nicholas from the dark plots being woven around them. Plots that threaten not only their fragile marriage, but their lives. (1991)