Low Pressure

Bellamy Lyston was only 12 years old when her older sister Susan was killed on a stormy Memorial Day. Bellamy’s fear of storms is a legacy of the tornado that destroyed the crime scene along with her memory of what really happened during the day’s most devastating moments.

Now, 18 years later, Bellamy has written a sensational, bestselling novel based on Susan’s murder. Because the book was inspired by the tragic event that still pains her family, she published it under a pseudonym to protect them from unwanted publicity. But when an opportunistic reporter for a tabloid newspaper discovers that the book is based on fact, Bellamy’s identity is exposed along with the family scandal.

Moreover, Bellamy becomes the target of an unnamed assailant who either wants the truth about Susan’s murder to remain unknown or, even more threatening, is determined to get vengeance for a man wrongfully accused and punished.

In order to identify her stalker, Bellamy must confront the ghosts of her past, including Dent Carter, Susan’s wayward and reckless boyfriend — and an original suspect in the murder case. Dent, with this and other stains on his past, is intent on clearing his name, and he needs Bellamy’s sealed memory to do it. But her safeguarded recollections -once unlocked-pose dangers that neither could foresee and puts both their lives in peril.

As Bellamy delves deeper into the mystery surrounding Susan’s slaying, she discovers disturbing elements of the crime which call into question the people she holds most dear. Haunted by partial memories, conflicted over her feelings for Dent, but determined to learn the truth, she won’t stop until she reveals Susan’s killer.

That is, unless Susan’s killer strikes her first… (January, 2013)




When her four year old daughter informs her a sick man is in their yard, Honor Gillette rushes out to help him. But that “sick” man turns out to be Lee Coburn, the man accused of murdering seven people the night before. Dangerous, desperate, and armed, he promises Honor that she and her daughter won’t be hurt as long as she does everything he asks. She has no choice but to accept him at his word.

But Honor soon discovers that even those close to her can’t be trusted. Coburn claims that her beloved late husband possessed something extremely valuable that places Honor and her daughter in grave danger. Coburn is there to retrieve it — at any cost. From FBI offices in Washington, D.C., to a rundown shrimp boat in coastal Louisiana, Coburn and Honor run for their lives from the very people sworn to protect them, and unravel a web of corruption and depravity that threatens not only them, but the fabric of our society.



No Rest for the Dead


When Christopher Thomas, a ruthless curator at San Francisco’s McFall Art Museum, is murdered and his decaying body is found in an iron maiden in a Berlin museum, his wife, Rosemary, is the primary suspect, and she is tried, convicted and executed. Ten years later, Jon Nunn, the detective who cracked the case, is convinced that the wrong person was put to death. In the years since the case was closed, he’s discovered a web of deceit and betrayal surrounding the Thomases that could implicate any number of people in the crime. With the help of the dead woman’s friend, he plans to gather everyone who was there the night Christopher died and finally uncover the truth, suspect by suspect. Solving this case may be Nunn’s last chance for redemption … but the shadowy forces behind Christopher’s death will stop at nothing to silence the past forever.

In this innovative storytelling approach, each of these twenty-five bestselling writers brings their distinctive voice to a chapter of the narrative, building the tension to a shocking, explosive finale. No Rest for the Dead is a thrilling, page-turning accomplishment that only America’s very best authors could achieve.

Tough Customer


Dodge Hanley, first introduced in SMASH CUT as Derek Mitchell’s irascible but indispensable staff investigator, returns as the flawed protagonist of TOUGH CUSTOMER. A scoundrel women love to hate, Dodge has used shady means of delivering the goods in the past . . . but when it comes to aiding the daughter of his former lover, real estate mogul Caroline King, his dogged perseverance knows no bounds. In his determination to uncover the truth for Caroline and her daughter, Berry, Dodge teams with a small town sheriff to track down a depraved man who’s obsessed with having Berry — or killing her.





Paul Wheeler. CEO of the Wheeler Enterprises empire. At age fifty-two, he’s a pillar of Atlanta society and a brilliant Smash Cutbusinessman. But Paul is out of the picture even before the opening credits — shot dead during an armed robbery.

Julie Rutledge. A savvy, cultured, and attractive Southern woman, seasoned by a stint of study and romance in Paris. She owns the city’s most successful and sophisticated art gallery on Peachtree Street. She was also Paul Wheeler’s weekly companion at the hotel where he was murdered and was hand in hand with him at the time of his death.

Derek Mitchell. A defense lawyer of renown. Successful, handsome, and despised by the Atlanta PD for his courtroom victories, he goes to the mat to make a case for every client – and headlines for himself. A guilty verdict is not an option. Yet he’s not entirely without a conscience, as proven when his life takes a terrible turn toward the cinematic.

Creighton Wheeler. The prodigal nephew of Paul. With movie-star looks and guileless blue eyes, the twenty-eight-year-old playboy has a penchant for call girls, fast cars, and designer clothes. But his passion is movies. He studies them, quotes them…and lives them. Even those closest to Creighton can’t be sure when he exits reality and enters the fantasy world of films.


The murder of Paul Wheeler has all the elements of a blockbuster: family rivalries, incalculable wealth, and a prominent man dying in the arms of his beautiful mistress. It’s a case that could earn Derek Mitchell even greater star power. When the Wheeler family approaches him about defending Creighton for his uncle’s murder — even before he’s charged — he jumps at the chance.

But Derek soon discovers that Julie will stop at nothing to secure justice for Paul — and that includes preventing Derek from defending Creighton. Infuriated, Derek realizes that his hands have been tied in a way that could not only cost him the case, but ruin his entire career.

Although Creighton has a rock-solid alibi, Julie is convinced that he is responsible for Paul’s murder. But the homicide detectives have another theory. Caught in several lies, and keeping secrets from Derek and the police, Julie is suspected of casting blame on Creighton to cover her own crime. Meanwhile, Derek fears he’s once again being duped…yet he burns with jealousy when he thinks of Julie with her late lover.

But the more Derek learns about Creighton and his darker side, the more he doubts the young man’s innocence.

And hiding in a squalid motel under an assumed name is the one man, a career criminal, a killer, who knows the truth.

The clock ticks down toward a shocking ending as Derek and Julie seek to learn whether Creighton’s fascination with movie murders is merely a bizarre hobby or depravity. Has he begun reenacting cinema’s goriest scenes…and, if so, who will be his unwitting costars? They won’t know until the final SMASH CUT.


Smoke Screen


When newswoman Britt Shelley wakes up to find herself in bed with Jay Burgess, a rising star detective in the Charleston PD, she remembers nothing of how she got there…or of how Jay wound up dead.

Handsome and hard-partying, Jay was a hero of the disastrous fire, which five years earlier had destroyed Charleston’s police headquarters. The blaze left seven people dead, but the death toll would have been much higher if not for the bravery of Jay and three other city officials who risked their lives to lead others to safety.

Firefighter Raley Gannon, Jay’s lifelong friend, was off-duty that day. Though he might not have been a front-line hero, he was assigned to lead the investigation into the cause of the fire. It was an investigation he never got to complete. Because on one calamitous night, Raley’s world was shattered.

Scandalized, wronged by the people he trusted most, Raley was forced to surrender the woman he loved and the work to which he’d dedicated his life. For five years his resentment against the men who exploited their hero status to further their careers–and ruin his–has festered, but he was helpless to set things right.

That changes when he learns of Jay Burgess’s shocking death and Britt Shelley’s claim that she has no memory of her night with him. As the investigation into Jay’s death intensifies, and suspicion against Britt Shelley mounts, Raley realizes that the newswoman, Jay’s last sexual conquest, might be his only chance to get personal vindication–and justice for the seven victims of the police station fire.

But there are powerful men who don’t want to address unanswered questions about the fire, and who will go to any lengths to protect their reputations. As Raley and Britt discover more about what happened that fateful day, the more perilous their situation becomes, until they’re not only chasing after the truth but running for their lives.

Friends are exposed as foes, heroes take on the taint of criminals, and no one can be trusted completely.

Play Dirty 


Play Dirty isn’t a story about professional football, although it’s about an NFL player. More specifically an ex-player, who (you’re way ahead of me here) played dirty and got caught. The story opens the day that Griff Burkett, former all-star quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys, is released from prison after serving a five year sentence in federal prison for racketeering.

But all that is just background to set up the real story, which is about what Griff is going to do now, now that he’s a fallen star, banned from the league, and reviled by those who once cheered him. Have I mentioned that he’s also flat broke and fresh out of prospects?

Well, he does have one. And this job opportunity is a doozy. It’s easy work and there’s lots of money to be made.

Seem too good to be true? (You’re way ahead of me again.)

Despite his misgivings, Griff accepts the offer extended to him by mega-millionaire Foster Speakman and his wife, Laura. But in this game, Griff isn’t calling the plays, as he did as quarterback. And watching from the sideline, waiting for him to fumble, is his nemesis, Stanley Rodarte, a ruthless enemy with a score to settle.

Nobody plays by the rules, and soon Griff finds himself in a game where winning will cost him the woman he loves, and losing will cost him his life.





Homicide detective Duncan Hatcher is called to the home of a superior court judge to investigate a fatal shooting. Enter Elise Laird, the judge’s trophy wife, who’s awfully cool, calm and collected considering there’s a dead man on the floor of the study.

Elise’s account of the shooting is sketchy at best, and Duncan begins to suspect it’ a fabrication to protect herself from prosecution. His investigation into Elise’s murky past convinces him she’s a liar, a manipulator, and more than likely a killer.

And then she throws him for a loop.

Not knowing whom to believe, Duncan is ensnared in a murder case that tests his logic, his reliable gut instinct, and his unshakable integrity. He trusts the word of no one except the ruthless crime lord who has pledged to eliminate him.

And he trusts least the woman he wants most.

The perfect setting for Duncan’s moral dilemma is the seductive city of Savannah, where the Spanish moss in the ancient oaks seems to whisper temptations, and the walled gardens of the Historical District provide perfect hiding places for the darkest of secrets.

The gunshot at Elise’s home killed only one, but it had a ricochet effect on Duncan. He’s in a struggle for his life against a murderous enemy, against a by-the-book partner who would almost rather see him dead than compromised, and against the strongest adversary of all — his own conscience.


Chill Factor


Set in the mountainous region of western North Carolina. It was in this wilderness that federal agents finally apprehended Eric Rudolph, the man who bombed Atlanta’s Centennial Olympic Park. For years he had escaped capture by hiding in this area.

Being familiar with that part of the country, I understood how the sparsely populated, mountainous terrain would provide good cover for someone who wanted to remain elusive — like a serial killer, for instance.

In Chill Factor, Lilly Martin is stranded in her mountain cabin with Ben Tierney, a man suspected of being. . .you guessed it.

They’re marooned during the worst blizzard of record (here’s where the weather became a significant factor), without hope of a timely rescue, totally dependent on each other for their survival.

Tierney is a threat to Lilly on several levels. (I’ll let you think about that for a while.) Even if she withstands the storm, even if she escapes Tierney, she may not survive her so-called rescuers. Among them are a tough FBI agent, the high school football coach whose personal life wouldn’t hold up under close scrutiny, and Lilly’s short-tempered ex-husband who is the local chief of police. All are desperate to reach her and Tierney. But not everyone is desperate to rescue them.

I think you’ll agree that the final scenes of this book are some of the most exciting I’ve ever written. Expect high-stakes action along with several shocking revelations.


White Hot



The only individual ever to stand up to Huff — successfully, that is — is his headstrong daughter, Sayre (Pronounced Say-er). A tragedy occurs, bringing Sayer back to Destiny, Louisiana, after a ten-year absence, and the atmosphere immediately becomes heated and fraught with hostility.

While trying to unravel the mysterious circumstances surrounding the death of a loved one, Sayre wrangles with her domineering father, contends with her conniving brother, and struggles against her sparking attraction to their corporate attorney, Beck Merchant, who is every bit as unscrupulous as they.

To this explosive mix of personal relationships, add the mounting malcontent of Hoyle Enterprises employees on the verge of a labor strike, plus the sweltering temperature of a Louisiana summer, and it makes for a bubbling gumbo of a story which I hope generates enough excitement, dread, anticipation and tension to make you feel — you got it — swampy.

Hello Darkness



A person who lives and works in darkness and seclusion. Someone who is reluctant to interact with other people except by telephone. A life so contained that even daylight is shunned.

For reasons that come to light — pun intended — in the book, Paris Gibson works alone each night in a remote radio station. Although her late night show has high ratings and a loyal audience, she is known to her listeners only by her smoky, provocative voice. They confide to her their most private thoughts, their triumphs and failures, but Paris carefully guards her own personal life.

When a listener who goes by the coy name of Valentino calls her one night and tells her about the violent act he’s about to commit, she is thrust into a high-profile police investigation. It’s commandeered by Dean Malloy — the one person who knows the secret behind Paris’s fiercely protected privacy.


The Crush 


A trauma surgeon who is highly successful and respected by her colleagues, Rennie is independent, self-reliant, and devoted to her work almost to the exclusion of everything else. She has her life arranged exactly as she wants it. Everything in her structured world is in perfect order. . .until Lozada enters it.

He brings with him Wick Threadgill, a cop on indefinite leave from the police department. He’s as glib, charming, attractive, and persuasive as a snake oil salesman, but burdened with a guilt that’s outsized only by his hatred for Lozada.






Maris Matherly-Reed, senior fiction editor of her family’s publishing house, receives a captivating prologue from an individual who identifies himself only as P. M. E. Intrigued by the writing style and the promise of a good story, Maris traces the pseudonymous writer to a remote sea island off the coast of Georgia where he lives in semi-seclusion . . . for reasons which become obvious to her.

Indisputably talented, Parker Evans is also the most complex and contrary individual Maris has ever dealt with. He is mysteriously reluctant to continue writing his book despite Maris’s virtual promise of a contract upon its completion.

This presents Maris with a challenging opportunity she can’t resist: working hands-on with an incredibly talented author during the crafting of his novel. Parker requires constant prodding, yet he’s driven by demons that Maris can’t identify. Parker’s writing entrances her. His island home beguiles her. Parker himself is terribly seductive.

Of course, not all is as it seems. Parker hadn’t sent his partial manuscript to Maris Matherly-Reed by random selection. As the plot of Parker’s novel unfolds — which, coincidentally, is also entitled ENVY — so does his plot for revenge against Maris’s husband, the suave, debonair, and duplicitous Noah Reed.

Inevitably these two storylines are destined to intersect. When they do . . .



The story’s main character is Tiel McCoy, an ambitious news reporter for a Dallas television station. She’s hot on the trail of a career-boosting story when she fatefully becomes an integral part of the story. Before dawn the following day, Tiel McCoy’s journalistic objectivity will be tested.

Her life is placed at risk, along with the lives of the other hostages being held at gunpoint in a filling station store. But Tiel is most concerned about one of the hostage-takers, a young woman who, minutes into the standoff, goes into labor.

Over the next several hours, the tension inside the store mounts as the criminals, the FBI, and the hostages negotiate for a peaceful resolution to this explosive situation. The heroes distinguish themselves from the villains, but every reaction, be it cowardly or courageous, honorable or evil, is infinitely human. The experience teaches Tiel a lot about herself. It also focuses media attention on Doc, one of the hostages, a taciturn Marlboro Man-type, who is actually . . . guess you’ll just have to read it.


The Switch


In THE SWITCH the twins are Gillian and Melina Lloyd, who are identical, almost interchangeable. Both are successful businesswomen. Both are single. But in one regard there is a dissimilarity:

They share the same impulses, but Melina acted on them. She plunged headfirst off the high diving board. Gillian would stand with her toes curled over the end of it until dared to dive in.

Another difference between them is that Gillian wants a child. Feeling her biological clock ticking, she opts to undergo artificial insemination using donor sperm. The story opens on the day she is inseminated.

The male protagonist is Christopher “Chief” Hart. He is the first Native American astronaut, NASA’s poster boy, a national figure. In Dallas to collect an award, Chief’s media escort is Melina Lloyd. Or is it?

Chief’s life first collides, then becomes intertwined with that of the twins. A seemingly harmless prank results in disaster. And what appears at first to be an open-and-shut murder investigation, ultimately leads to a compound in the mountains of New Mexico where a madman is engineering his “new world order.” If he’s only partially successful, the consequences would be catastrophic and global in scope.


The Alibi

The plot centers around Hammond Cross, Special Assistant County Solicitor. (for those of you who don’t live in South Carolina and haven’t read THE WITNESS, you might not know that in that state, lawyers are called solicitors. In Texas we call them by other names.)

Hammond Cross hails from a wealthy Charleston family, but he eschews his heritage and the advantages it affords, even going far as to choose public service over a more lucrative career in criminal defense. He’s ambitious, and has his sights set on higher offices, but his goals aren’t strictly politically motivated. He’s also an aggressive prosecutor out to win for all the right reasons. He believes in what he’s doing and devotes himself to bringing criminals to justice.

Until . . .He unwittingly becomes the alibi of an accused murderer.

The captivating and elusive woman with whom he had spent an overnight getaway — a meeting he mistook as happenstance — becomes the prime suspect in the most important criminal case Hammond’s career. If he prosecutes it successfully, he’ll inherit the top position from the retiring County Solicitor. If he doesn’t, he’ll have many people to answer to . . . not the least of which is himself.

To admit his own culpability is self-destructive. To fail is unthinkable. To win is to sacrifice the woman he’s come to love.




Revolves around a twenty-two year old mystery that unites seemingly unrelated individuals and pits ruthless, revenge-seeking prisoners against a young deaf widow and her six-year-old son.

Anna Corbett, deaf since birth, is aided by a laconic, knife-toting drifter named Jack Sawyer, who appears from out of the blue at the precise time that Anna’s safe, silent world turns deadly. Jack’s past is shrouded in mystery, making Anna uncertain if he’s someone she should entrust with her cattle ranch, her life, her love.

The violent passages in this book struck a nerve with some readers, and although I never wanted to offend, and regret being unable to please all of the people all of the time, I don’t apologize for the content of Unspeakable. It was my intention to draw a stark contrast between the evil nature of the prisoners and the mayhem they create, and Anna, who is encapsulated in silence and innocence.



Fat Tuesday


The story revolves around Burke Basile, a narcotics officer in the NOPD, who’s driven by his own guilty conscience to seek revenge for the shooting death of his partner and the acquittal of the man charged with the crime.

The target of his vengeance is Pinkie Duvall, a wealthy and powerful crime boss. Basile strikes Pinkie where he knows it will hurt most — by kidnapping his young, beautiful wife, Remy, and hiding her in his fishing camp deep in the swamp.

But Duvall is a dangerous man to provoke. He sets his far-reaching into motion, swearing to kill Basile for this outrage. Too late Basile realizes how well-connected Duvall is — even within the police department.

Betrayed by his friends, his co-workers, and his own adulterous wife, Burke Basile is a man with nowhere else to run and no one to trust. Moreover, he never bargained on falling in love with Remy.

When Duvall’s machine begins to close in, Basile realizes that the only way to save Remy’s life is to return her to her possessive, abusive husband. But Basile has one more chance to rescue her — at the Duvall’s masked ball on Fat Tuesday.  And, just as the clock strikes midnight marking Ash Wednesday, Burke Basile must atone for his own secret transgression.




 A second-stringer with first-class talent, Barrie Travis is stuck at a low-budget independent television station struggling to survive among the giant networks. Then, suddenly, she receives an invitation from First Lady Vanessa Merritt for an off-the-record conversation. Barrie’s reporter’s instincts are instantly aroused. During a furtive, emotionally charged meeting, Barrie sees that the President’s beautiful wife is stunned by grief after the crib death of her infant son. Vanessa’s motive for meeting Barrie seems to be to share her heartache with another woman. What Barrie overlooks in her excitement at hearing the confidences of the First Lady are the questions she should be asking: Why would Vanessa Merritt call her? And why would the President’s wife hint to an unknown reporter that her child may have been murdered? Blind to everything but getting her exclusive, Barrie is determined to investigate the death of the President’s child. But she soon realizes that getting her story will test her ethics and her patriotism. Would she expose information that could topple the presidency? She confronts this problem when she tracks down Gray Bondurant, a former presidential aide and war hero who shunned the politics of Washington in favor of life on a remote Wyoming ranch. And when they both begin to follow a trail of lies and intrigue right to the White House door, Barrie’s exclusive puts at least three people on the firing line: the First Lady, Gray, and herself – as crimes and ambitions combine to endanger their lives and the future of the nation.

The Witness 


The title character is Kendall Deaton, newlywed and newly appointed public defender in a small mountain town, where secrets are as impenetrable as the dense woods surrounding it.

The Witness begins with Kendall surviving a car accident. She pulls the injured driver from the car, along with her newborn son. At a county hospital, the casualty is diagnosed with a broken leg and temporary amnesia. Kendall identifies him as her husband and, as soon as possible, escapes with him to a remote farm house.

The injured man realizes all is not as Kendall would have him believe — especially that he is her husband. Instinctively he knows that she’s hiding something — something that terrifies her. Frustrated by her endless deceptions and his own inability to remember who he is, who she is, or where they were going before the car crash, he plays along with her charade . . . until his memory returns.

Kendall knows her time is running out. She must once again escape — from the FBI, from an untimely and impossible love, and from the members of the Brotherhood, who would kill her for witnessing the atrocities they commit in the name of righteousness.



A medical miracle gave TV personality Cat Delaney more than a new heart. It gave her a second chance at life. After leaving Hollywood to host a San Antonio TV show spotlighting children with special needs, Cat fights to gain respect as a newscaster. She meets Alex Pierce, an ex-cop turned crime writer, who regards her as a woman, not as a heart patient. When fatal “accidents” begin killing the other heart recipients, Alex may — or may not — be her most important ally.

With her new world turning sinister and a mysterious stalker shadowing her every move, Cat is caught in a dark maze of betrayal and secrets…and perhaps sees too late the mask hiding a killer’s face.



Where Theres Smoke


After surviving the media onslaught from a notorious affair and subsequently losing her child and US Ambassador husband while caught up in a Central American military coup, Lara is willed a medical practice by the man everyone accuses her of ruining, Senator Clark Tackett, who took his own life.

His estranged brother Key is injured and requires the attention of a doctor and finds himself attracted to Lara, only to be warned off by his mother who cherishes the memory of her fallen son and vows to rid their Texas town of the harlot that caused his downfall. As Key grapples with his feelings for a woman he should hate, he tries to reconcile what he has heard about her verses what he has observed, and is not real interested in his brother’s sloppy seconds. While she never denies the affair with Clark, she is not willing to discuss it either. When she asks for his help to retrieve her daughter’s remains, Key reluctantly agrees and the two embark on a journey that will alter both their lives.


French Silk


Like the city of New Orleans itself, Claire Laurent is a vibrant beauty laced with a mysterious elusiveness. The founder of French Silk, a fabulous lingerie company, she has fought hard to make it a worldwide success. Then a TV evangelist attacks French Silk’s erotic sleepwear as sinful. And when he is killed, Claire becomes the prime suspect.

District Attorney Robert Cassidy knows Claire is damning herself with lie after lie about the murder, even as he feels her drawing him into her world and her very soul. But neither Cassidy nor her protests of innocence can save Claire unless she reveals a shocking truth — one she has sworn to take to the grave…


Breath Of Scandal


On a rainy Southern night, Jade Sperry endured a young woman’s worst nightmare at the hands of three local hell-raisers. Robbed of her youthful ideals and at the center of scandal and tragedy, Jade ran as far and as fast as she could. But she never forgot the sleepy “company town” where every man, woman, and child was dependent on one wealthy family. And she never forgot their spoiled son, who with his two friends changed her life forever. Someday, somehow, she’d return . . . exacting a just revenge, freeing herself from her enemies’ grasp, and, perhaps, fulfilling a lost promise of love.



Mirror Image



The crash of a Dallas-bound jet wasn’t just a tragedy to TV reporter Avery Daniels; it was an act of fate that handed her a golden opportunity to further her career. Mistaken for a glamorous, selfish woman named Carole Rutledge, the badly injured Avery would find that plastic surgery had given her Carole’s face, the famous senatorial candidate for a husband, and a powerful Texas dynasty for in-laws. And as she lay helpless in the hospital, she would make a shattering discovery: someone close to the senator planned to assassinate him. Now, to save the life of the man she loved, Avery must live another woman’s life – and risk her own . . .




Best Kept Secrets

Alexandra Gaither is an attorney who finally has the power to get the justice she needs. Twenty-five years before, her mother had died a scandalous death. Alex believes one of three powerful men murdered her. Each is charming, each is a suspect, and each tries to shield her from his past. But not one of them can stop her passionate search for the truth. Like her mother before her, Alex sparks controversy and excitement in this remote Texas town. Now, as she investigates her mother’s former lover, his best friend, and the father figure to them both, she will risk everything to uncover their best kept secrets.






Slow Heat In Heaven


The adopted daughter of the most powerful man in town, Schyler Crandall left Heaven, Louisiana, a brokenhearted girl. Now a crisis has brought her home to a family in conflict, a logging empire on the brink of disaster, and seething secrets that make Heaven hotter than hell.

Still there are her beautiful younger sister, Tricia, with her cruel lies . . . Ken, Tricia’s handsome husband, who married the wrong sister . . . Jigger, the pimp and ruffian with plans of his own . . . and Cash, proud, mysterious, and complex. It is dangerous for Schyler to even be near him, yet she must dare to confront the past – if there is to be any peace in Heaven.